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in the age group between Yrs to Yrs
Essence of Christians
Celebrate the joy of belonging to the Malayalee Christian community. Find information on social, cultural, recreational and religious activities of your community


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Success Stories
Let us share with you our success story for which the contribution and efforts from this christian matrimony . We thank the almighty as well as christian matrimony for bringing us together.Initially we tried with different other sources ...
Essence of Keralite Christians
Community with an identity
Christianity is well known for its interesting history. We should be proud of our glorious past and our 'steeped in tradition' roots. Christianity was founded in the 1st century in the Levant region of the Middle East (modern Israel and Palestine) by the followers.. more ...

Colours of life
Influence on Indian cuisine has been drastic since the days of the colonial rule. Indian cuisine is ancient, diverse, and is an amalgamation of different religious beliefs and ideologies. Apart from religion and climate, which plays a huge role in influencing .. more ...